HYPERfusion_PHOTOGRAPHY 2.2 Subject: Visual Art

Task 3 Techniques and Processes of Artist Models

You have approximately 8 hours of class and homework time to complete this task

Architecture and Light Studies

A. Generate and develop ideas using drawing processes such as light painting, digital photograms, and wet/dry media. Combine elements from your architectural studies with your light studies. Think about your architectural studies as the format or as a canvas to 'pour' light on... Create a series of images on (2) A3 pages. Annotate how your artist exemplars have informed your work. Each page will have (2) examples of your process development.

Focus Questions: What elements of my drawing can I scan? How will I combine effects from a photogram with a building structure?

Concept Development

A. Take your best idea from the series of images you created and combine it with your research about ‘hyperfusion’. On (1) A3 Page create two works that represent your concept development.

· Focus Questions: How does your drawing process reflect the concept of ‘hyperfusion’? What techniques and processes from the artist exemplars are reflected in the work? What subject matter have I chosen to work with that describes ‘hyper fusion’? How will this work look projected? What combination of techniques work well together? What am I trying to say with this projection design? How are you using the elements/principles of design?

· In class as you develop your work we will project the design on the white board and discuss your developments.