HYPERfusion_PHOTOGRAPHY 2.2 Subject: Visual Art
Task 4 Analysing and Clarifying Ideas

You have approximately 8 hours of class and homework time to complete this task

Critical Analysis

A. Analyse all the work you have completed in Tasks 1, 2 and 3. On 1 x A3 page write in note form (bullet points) what has been successful and unsuccessful in your work and why. Create 1 x A3 page in your visual diary with (2) of your successful images and describe the elements that make these images strong visual statements.

B. Using this analysis you will need to produce 2 photographic works that build on the features of your successful works. Demonstrate how you have clarified your ideas though annotation. (discuss this with your teacher).

· Photocopy your best work and annotate the work; identify links between your ideas and the techniques/processes of your artist exemplars.
Show evidence of pictorial elements used in your work
· Describe how you clarified of your ideas in a related series based on established practice.

Projection Design

A. Choose the best projection design from your two works for the 2011 Festival. Your work must reference your artist exemplars and the theme, ‘hyperfusion’.

B. You will project your work on a chosen building and document the projection design with a camera. Choose the best image to document your projection and place it in your diary next to the original projection design.

· Focus questions: Does this work show the process, techniques, and ideas from my artist exemplars? Is there evidence of the pictorial elements and how did I use them? Is there clarification in my development process? (discuss with teacher)